“Thinking, you see, denotes nothing less than the participation of all our previous experience in the resolution of a current problem” 
(Vygotsky 1997, p.175)

 School hasn't even really started  and already a magnificent provocation has presented itself. This long black rat snake came to visit, winding himself through the preschool playground fence. He hung out for a while and then went into a hole at the base of the big tree on the playground. Black rat snakes arent poisonous, and eat large insects and mice. We had one for a pet when I was a kid (my brother was a reptile and amphibian lover).

I wonder how the children will react to the news of this snake living below the tree? I predict they will want to protect him, like when they built a shelter for a beetle so no one would step on him. But we will see...

                                more info  on snakes here"


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