Winter Circle


Before the Winter break, there is a big circle where all of the classes gather to hear a story and then sing together. It's one of the traditions that has helped to create the culture of our school.

In the pre-school winter circle, we heard the story of Raven and sang songs.
Pre-school circle, photos by Walker


  1. I love seeing the whole LS/MS assembled! I've always wondered what the whole group looks like together.

    All three kids were enthusiastic this year about Sabot traditions. We lit their candles - both this year's and previous years' - on Christmas Eve and Xander insisted that we sing "This Little Light of Mine." He prompted us for two verses, and then Reese gave us a third verse. It was such a sweet moment. I love how the common bonds shared among all the children in the school show themselves in our family life. Thank you, Sabot!


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