the best things about summer camp

painting a hand built chair
adding a jolly roger to the pirate ship



Do you want to know what I love about our Sabot summer camps? It's that freedom to play, to make new friends, or to just take it easy for a while. These days so many summer camps are geared around skill building and knowledge retention. It might appear at first glance that in a play-based camp there isn't much 
learning going on, but of course there is so much happening while children play.
sending messages from the haunted dog house
I am in my element when I can set up an environment rich in materials for exploration and then stand back to let the children take the lead.

That is what happened during Tinkering and Like Summers Used to be Camps this year, as you can see...

finding out that wood isn't the best belt material

reading a treasure map

inventing a 'grabber'

a teacher and big-kid helper follow children's lead while building with blocks

smiling out of the haunted doghouse 


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