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I've been working a lot on documentation, communication, and presentation lately, (as you know if you read this blog much) and part of that has been trying to learn some about graphic design. I am an artist, but more of the hand-made, splash paint around type. Graphic design is something I really only know about as a consumer. I've been paying more attention to the visual culture we live in, asking questions of my friend who is a design professor, Laura, and trying things out. Laura once made a simple statement that I think about a lot; That in graphic design, you're trying to create a visual hierarchy. This makes a lot of sense intellectually, but I find it is hard to do in real life. But I really do want to get batter at making the children and teacher's work visible in a way that people will really pay attention to, so I'm going to keep trying. Plus, it's fun to have something new to mess around with.
Here is the announcement for this year's Umbrella Project at Sabot School. I think the layout looks pretty good, although I really can't be sure!


  1. Anna, this is wonderful!!!! Would you mind if I utilized this design as a template for communicating with families at my school??

  2. Haha! Thanks Alison. You are welcome to use the circle idea... We'll pass the inspiration around!

  3. The idea of creating a "visual hierarchy" is an excellent way of approaching the editing process. I'll have to remember that one.

    I think your visual metaphor is perfect. Keep playing with it. You'll know when it's done!


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